100" Pull Up Portable Office Projection Screen

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This 100’ free standing projection screen will prove to be the main focal point to any room, home theatre or office.

The fully-portable, free-standing projection screen has a manual control allowing for custom set-ups. The matt white surface provides perfect and uniform light diffusion and an angle-independent image quality, optimal colour representation and excellent sharpness and it best suits for use in low light with highly luminous projectors.

This screen comes with a strong durable stand with a unique locking device to ensure stable viewing.

·         Portable

·         High definition matte white screen

·         Strong durable stand

·         Unique locking device mechanism

·         Screen size: 100"  2m x 1.5m*

·         Format: 4:3

*Screen size is determined by diagonal measurement

Our projection screen is a standout in advanced design and pure performance.

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