Terms & Conditions

MADABOUT MANCAVES Terms and Conditions 

*These terms and conditions apply to all products purchased after 1 January 2018.  

Read the following Terms and Conditions carefully.


In respect to the Terms and Conditions, "we," "us," and "our" are defined to mean Madaboutmancaves.com

"You" is defined to mean you the user of the site and customer of Madaboutmancaves.com.

"The website" is defined to mean the Madaboutmancaves.com website found at https://www.madaboutmancaves.com/.

Along with your purchase order, these Terms and Conditions form a contract between Madaboutmancaves.com and you. This contract may not be changed unless Madaboutmancaves.com consents to any change in writing.

Confirmation of Legal Age

By placing an order, agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, and creating a contract with us, you confirm that you are at least eighteen years of age. If you are less than 18, you cannot place orders with us. If Madaboutmancaves.com suffers any loss, financial or otherwise, because you are less than 18 and you placed an order with us, Madaboutmancaves.com may, in its discretion, pursue compensation for such a loss from your adult parent(s) or legal guardian(s) because you attempted to engage in a transaction with Madaboutmancaves.com.

Australia Only

Madaboutmancaves.com does not make any sales or deliveries to places outside of Australia 


You place an order by

1.     agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, and

2.     completing an order form on the Madaboutmancaves.com website.

After your order is placed, you will receive notification, via an Order Confirmation email, of the processing of your order. Your order will not be legally accepted by us, and a contract will not be created between us and you, until your order is validated internally and verified to be free of credit card or other identity fraud. We reserve the right to refuse to fulfil your order, end your account, remove content including product information, from our website, and otherwise cancel orders.

When your order has shipped, you will be notified via email. If, after your payment is received, your order cannot be processed and/or shipped, you will be contacted via email or phone.

Methods of Payment, and Payment Processing

The following methods of payment are currently accepted: Visa, MasterCard, BPAY, and Paypal

Your payment will not be processed until your purchase order is completely verified. Orders that are placed on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or any publicly-recognized holidays will not be processed until the following business day. Our business days are defined as Monday through Friday with the exception of publicly-recognized holidays.

Credit Cards: We are not able to accept credit cards from non-Australian banks or lenders. Please note that the use of debit or cheque cards may delay your order, as these cards may be have spending limits. With your credit card order, a tax invoice will be emailed to you along with an order confirmation. This tax invoice will be your proof of purchase.

PayPal: With your PayPal order, a tax invoice will be emailed to you along with an order confirmation. This tax invoice is your proof of purchase.

All Orders: For security purposes and as part of Madaboutmancaves.com's commitment to combat credit card and identity fraud, you may be asked to provide further identification or other information related to your order before your order is processed.

Product Delivery

Estimated delivery time for your product(s) will be displayed on your checkout screen. Furthermore, the latest delivery status for your product(s) will be displayed in your "My Account" menu.

Please allow 10 business days (excluding weekends and publicly-recognized holidays) from your order confirmation and payment processing until the delivery of your product.

All deliveries will be made to the ground floor of your residence only by a single delivery driver. Should your item be of a large or oversized nature you will need to provide assistance to the driver. Any redeliveries or two man deliveries required due to your inability to assist will be charged at your expense. Should the item be returned due to insufficient assistance at time of delivery for large or oversized items, you will be refunded the item price only minus the return charges.

While Madaboutmancaves.com makes every effort to deliver your package(s) within the estimated delivery time window, we cannot guarantee delivery. Upon delivery, title and all risk of loss pass to you the customer and new owner.

Product Return

We recommend that customers choose carefully before buying as no returns are permitted where the buyer is simply unhappy with their purchase or has changed their mind.

With all products supplied by Madaboutmancaves.com, manufacturer warranties and existing statutory conditions apply, and are not superseded or overwritten by these Terms and Conditions. You may visit the ACCC website at www.accc.gov.au for additional information on your consumer rights.

Prices are Subject to Change

Madaboutmancaves.com makes every effort to list accurate and current prices on the website at all times. However, you should note that prices are subject to change without notice. Madaboutmancaves.com reserves the right to change any price/s on the Madaboutmancaves.com site without notice.

Goods and Services Tax

Pursuant to the tax regulations governing Australia, all purchases shipped to Australia made on the website are inclusive of the Goods and Services Tax, or GST.

Order Changes and Cancellations

Madaboutmancaves.com strongly urges you to please choose carefully and only place your order when you are completely ready. Once an order has been put through, Madaboutmancaves.com will charge a fee of $15 per change or amendment to the order (including address changes and product colour changes) or for the cancellation of the order under all circumstances.

Manufacturer Warranties

Many of our products are sold with a manufacturer's warranty, in the event of defect. Many of our products are also accompanied by the promise of such services as Customer Support for technical troubleshooting or other issues. We encourage our customers to fully understand and take advantage of manufacturer warranties and promised Customer Support services. Should the manufacturer warranty and/or Customer Support services fail to rectify any problem, Madaboutmancaves.com is prepared to issue a replacement product or provide a full refund of the purchase price in accordance with the preceding sections of these Terms and Conditions.

Physical Return of Products

In the case a customer wishes to return an item within 14 days of reciept, Madaboutmancaves.com Customer Service are only able to accept the return of the item if the item is in brand new unopened condition.  The customer will be responsibile for the return of the item at their own cost, and store credit provided will be for the product price only.